About Me

Samantha Fitzgerald AKA "Sam"

Owner/Lead Designer

Hello there!

 I am the owner and lead designer at Songbird Floral Studio.

I began working in floral design completely by surprise!  I thought I was going to be an interior designer but found a job working for a floral design company.  I was blessed to be taught "old school" mechanics and core designs there and really found my true passion.  After working there the owner, and dear friend asked me to go on my own, she was too overwhelmed!  I was very flattered and excited! I still collaborate with her when we can-just to have fun working together.

I have a wonderful husband and two teenagers that are always supportive and helpful.  Yes, you will most likely meet them, this is a family business now.  They are always willing to do the odd jobs it takes to make all of our events come together perfectly.

If we are not working you will most likely find us on the beach or hiking in the mountains along with 2 Lab rescues that keep us all on our toes!

The Team

I have 2 great designers that help bring every wedding we do to life!  As hard as I try, I can't be everywhere all the time.  Renee' and Melissa are both team leaders and make sure all of our designs are fully executed.  I am blessed to have them!

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