About our packages

Couples today are busy and are savvy internet shoppers. We have heard your requests for flower packages-and we have been listening.  We have made the process easy, just a few emails and your flowers are off your check list.  If talking flowers and selections is what you would like, hop over to our Custom Design page.

Our Wedding Flower Packages

We have created these packages for your convenience.  Each wedding we design is original.  We believe in designing with the best products we can source and keeping floral artistry in everything we do.  The photos below are for inspirations only, no works will be copied.  This is your wedding-these will be your flowers

Wedding Flower Package options

All of the packages above can have some color substitutes. If more pieces are needed, please let us know and we will add them on. There are no cuts to these packages. ABOVE PRICING IS BEFORE TAX.

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